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Meggie Liu


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May 24, 2012

Since graduated from college last year, i made a tough decision to start to work.Now I'm lost. i'm not sure whether my choice is right. i feel i'm turned away from my dream. Sometimes i really want to leave anything behind and grab my  packsack to go far away.But even that, i still don't know where is my destination. i thought maybe i just don't want to work and want to put my responsibility aside. i really enjoy my collefe life.it means freedom. i know we need to grow up and take responsibility. i just want to do something that i never did when i was young. anyway, although pressure on my shoulder, i feel fullfilled. it's better life to go as what i want.


01:38 PM May 24 2012




I think you have to follow your dreams. you are young you can enjoy the life a little. be brave :)