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love and time 02

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September 4, 2014

I remember her smile 
I still remember that sweet face
That helped me to be whom I am 
She is the Light of my Life
Lighting my life 
This life is nothing without her 
Giving us inspiring smile 
Feeding us with her cheerful face 
Oh my mother may God keep you for us 
For nine months you carried me 
For two years you feed me
For the rest of my life you were there 
For to support me and inspire me 
When I am in pain I find no one to talk to 
But to you I always saw you 
When I am in pain you know it 
Before a letter comes out of my mouth 
Oh Lord her favors never ended 
She was always there for me 
Never leaving me lonely 
Always inspired me to do better
May you keep her for us 
I can never live without her 
She is my life 
She will always be 
My mother
Now that I am away 
I still hear your voice 
Talking to me during the day 
And singing a song before I sleep 
Your "good night" wish is always heard 
Making me not want to stay awake
When I am stressed at work 
I always feel your hand touching me 
Telling me things will be alright 
Even though you are somwhere else 
I still feel that you are around 
Oh lord keep her for me 
Because my life is useless 
Without her.....


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10:59 AM Jul 30 2015



  • yes  sister i know your feel ^^ give my best wishes to  your mother too and don't forget your father......ziani 

08:24 AM Jul 30 2015



Beautiful and very meaningful words. Please, take my sympathy about your mother. I know how you feel, believe me. :-(

05:55 AM Jun 10 2015



thanks djana you are welcome ^^ 

04:22 AM Jun 10 2015



How nice!i've got your beautiful message,hope others will do ;) :)

03:43 PM Feb 12 2015



omg such a lovely message. mothers are always the best! :*