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July 7, 2007

It was very cool and comfortable for July today.  It was only 25C today. Even my car has thermometer.   
I love checking temperature.I heard in Las Vegas, it reached 52C or something. It's just crazy hot!  It's a record hottest day in Vegas.

After rainy seasons over, the heat will come. We don't have air-conditioner in our house, it's just too old house to have such a powerful machine. The power is not enough. We just have to deal with the heat. But night time, there's a cool breeze from outside running through our house. It's very nice.

We don't have running hot water in our house, which is very unusual for Japanese house. So, we just take cold shower in summer and other than summer, we take a traditional Japanese deep bath tub in rest of the year.

I just don't mind this life style. It's very natural, and reasonable. We don't have to totally depend on spoiled unnatural living style. Convinient and comfortable are good, but I also want to pursuit natural way.

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