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catatan saya




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December 20, 2011

for some reason this is a simplified thought

i think about you so you are on me

then you stay on me

and stil on my life till i forget you

when i fail to starting for seeing about you

then you'l never on this life

this life mean my life

so i'll never notice you

even when my life just starting to be vanished

you'll be there because of me

and me is everything for you

so you try for known

by your extra energy

may be your attempt will success or may be not


11:48 AM Dec 20 2011



Beautiful, I see people often are talented with poetry. Lots of love :)

November 25, 2010

who's decent to get my thanks

only Allah

why ?

because everything are coming from Him

He is source of everything

He is the end of all thing

except Him, there are only a mediator, not pure as originator


thanks to Allah

for everything

there's nothing happen without His permission

there's will be nothing without  His  appearance

there's no existing without His scenario



Maybe sometime i forget

but i always hope He can take my appologize

that i seeing His creation with to be excessive

and i know only foolishness make me to do that

June 25, 2010

it's our choice for making our future

it's our ability for changing our future

it's our responsible for keeping our future always open

it's our failure whenever our future is going for nothing