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May 3, 2008

 we need love, right? mankind need it, why so? no one kown exactlly why they need love.but i kown i need love because i have loved a girl.if I say that  the reason is full for my decision. what will you think of it? i have decided to love that girl. i kown i love her. and i also kown that she also love me ( to 80-90 %) .but i feel too afraid . i kown nothing to say when i meet her somewhere. i am afraid that she don't love me like my feelings for her.i am too contradictory ,right?  i contracdict  mysefl,right?

  what is love according to you?

  To me,"love means that :don't  tell  your love to the girl whom you love".love means that :camouflage and lurking (hide oneself).only because when you tell her about it. she will maybe, love you as you want... but  when you get up ,you will cry again because of your dream,lastnight.

April 5, 2008

i really want to make friend with all .i am Tuyen ,im a student,my hobby is reading book,do exsersie ( especially boxing and playing football ), my idea is living is trying and trying permanently . hope make with ...you all much!

01:33 AM Apr 05 2008


Hi, Im Dilshad Victor. how do you do ?