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Your life is in your hand

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October 1, 2008

Today is the National holiday, many people going outside, By the time the bus came so many people were waiting that it was a free fight to get on it. Fortunately, the community has free of the bus to Zhuhai, after lunch, my mother and I go to supermarket buy some food together.

When we reached the Zhuhai, the shops was so crowded that so many people buy some food, a lot of fruits looks like so fresh, we bought apples, pears, oranges,grapes, drinks,living goods and so on........it's very happy.

My friend's go to HK buy some things today, what a pity, when he's arrived in HK that cannot get money from HSBC bank, just show around some places, and come back in SZ. He will arrive in ZH tomorrow afternoon, I will pick up him at the JiuZhou port.

Hehe…….My colleague’s call me just now, we will go to drink earyly morning tea by tomorrow morning, I know the local of people like it very much, I never taste it, I wish to go………Wow…… have a nice day!

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View all entries from Your life is in your hand >

08:50 PM Oct 01 2008


I think the most happy time is the time when we are waiting for the coming of a beautiful thing.

Enjoy yourself!