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March 3, 2007

We are learning everyday no matter what, although sometimes we are not aware ourselves. However daily summarizing what we learn can make us learn more and enjoy the life better although learning by experience is often pain and the more it hurts, the more we learn.


07:21 AM Mar 04 2007



i can say that learning is already a pain itself.am totaly agree with you when you talk about experience...i can say that experience is every thing in this life.learning is the process of gaining understanding that leads to the modification of attitudes and behaviors through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values, through study and experience.thats why its really hard to understand something or someone in the right sense.Embarassed

February 17, 2007

Another year passed. Is Golden pig going to bring more happiness and luck? Here is my wish for the new year,

Good Health of my Parents;

Better school job of my daughter;

Success in the career of my husband;

Love found for my sister; 

Me???? peace and rich in mind, health and young in body, smooth and success in career....improve my English, make more thoughtful friends in Ebaby



January 27, 2007

<<<<<<To be loved>>>>

I can see your face everywhere I look,

but everywhere is nowhere without you.

What seems to be like days was just a moment in time,

but it meant the world to me cause I know,

what I have been searching for all of my life,

I had it right here-in front of my eyes.

And what I 've wished for was nothing compared

to what I received-when you were here with me.

And if you never come back,

and today was all that we had,

and if I won't see you tomorrow with you in  my arms,

it won't matter because now I know what it is like to be loved.

You are so far away but I feel you so near

It's like you never left me-never said goodby.

I can hear your voice in the crowd;

I can feel you touch me right now;

I can see your smile when I close my eyes;

and I hold on to that every night.

To help me understand-when I ask myself why of all the people out there,

you choose to be with me to share a love so rare.

What a beautiful thing to feel your love within,

like a child that sees the sunshine on the first day of spring.

Just to know it's true-there is someone like you

who can make me believe that there is nothing I can't do.

And if you never comeback,

and today was all that we had,

if if I won't see tomorrow with you in my arms,

it won't matter because now I know what it is like to be loved.