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January 25, 2007

When beauty is recognized in the world,

Ugliness has been learned;

when good is recognized in the  world,

Evil has been learned.

in this way:

alive and dead are abstracted from growth;

difficult and easy are abstracted from progress;

far and near are abstracted from position;

strong and weak are abstracted from control;

song and speech are abstracted from harmony;

after and before are abstracted from sequence. 

January 18, 2007

Today I happen to read several words from Prof Yang zhenning, the Nobel Prize winer. He is famours in recent couple of years not because he got the Nobel Prize, but because he married a young girl of 28 years old while he was 82 years old.  He said that love is valuable no matter what you love, an animal, a plant, a girl,... it will make you fell that you need to go ahead, to do more, to improve yourself. And He has the move to challenge Einstein, so does he for a young girl. Everybody needs this kinda gusto. Don't you think so?

January 15, 2007

Strech a bow to its limit and it is soon brocken;

Temper a blade to its sharpest and it is soon blunted;

Amass the greatest treasure and it is soon stolen;

Claim credit and honour and you will soon fall;

Retire once your purpose is achieved-this is the way of nature.