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August 7, 2006

Tomorrow I will start the busy week. As the business got higher and higher. I have to organize a second shift without supervisors. That's so scarry. The worst is nobody knows how long we are going to run this second shift. Oh Headach! 

Anyway no choice. What can I do? Sleep, first! I need energy  tomorrow forsure, more than any other day. 

August 6, 2006

Being a Chinese mom, I am in a delima. My daughter cannot speak Chinese very well because she came to Canada when she was 8 years old. I could not help her so I buy her ticket to send her back to China during this summer. But I miss her so much.

I started losing myself. All the time I am thinking of her. Is it becasue I don't have any plan for myself, or because the damn only one child policy? Anyway, I should not complain. I din't go with her becasue I don't have such long vacation and she is already 14 years old. This is an opportunity to manage herself. 

Hopefully I have other stuff talk about. 

August 6, 2006

I am always feel sad due to lots of reasons. Blog may lead me to a new life. However, I don't know how to label my blog. MIDAGE-middle age, which means I am concerned a lot about my age. Is it cynical to label middle age in English baby?

01:32 AM Feb 18 2007



Dear Friend,


It's really,really practical. ur writtens r very anonyms.



01:21 PM Jan 14 2007


How old are you?

I ask because Iam 37 years old

and I learn everyday new things but I feel as if  Iam 24