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January 21, 2009

I like using English Baby to learn English. But I also use other websites to learn English.


One of my favorite websites is guess the picture. This game is think What is this? when the picture appear slowly on screen. It is very interesting and almost easy to understand.



There is website that I want to recommend the other. It is yappr.com. This site have many kinds of videoes so maybe you find videoed that you want to watch.



If you have time please go to this website and try your best!



08:42 AM Aug 15 2009


I also have a good website ,do you want to see it ?http://www.360doc.com/content/090710/10/175426_4209866.html

 f u c k ing  japnese! do you want to change the history?

09:54 PM Jan 21 2009



I enjoyed guess the pictureLaughing

January 16, 2009

 I'm busy because, I have test for next week!!! I hate test but maybe this time is last exam for me. So I try my best!!!

 And I will become a office lady after three month. I have anxiety but I want to work and I want to independence for my family. I love my family but I'm 20 years old so I should do myself for anything. Therefore I try my best for this times exam and my life.

January 7, 2009

 This year I have three New Year's Resolution. The first resolution is keep my promises. Last year, I said I try to diet!, I want to go hot spring and so on but I didn't it. So this year I want to keep my promises.

 My second resolution is  I want to filial pirty. I'll graduate college in March so I'll become a worker. Then for excample I want to take out to travel for my parent.

 My last resolution is I want to kindness for eveybody.My friends is very kind so I want to follow my friends. This is my best solution.

  This year I want to three resolution absolutely.

10:11 PM Jan 07 2009



I also lose weight, too!!

We have a nice day in school life :)

Good Luck!!!

10:08 PM Jan 07 2009



I'm going to diet togetherKiss Do your BEST and Do my BESTLaughing

10:00 PM Jan 07 2009



I think that keeing promise is important too.

It resolution is good!!

Goog luckSmile

09:54 PM Jan 07 2009



Happy New Year!!

i think it's nice resolution...Good luckSmile