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Midori Ohta


December 9, 2008

Australia Report

  For this report I researched about Australia. There are famous sightseeing spot and animals. I want to go Australia someday because when I watch travel program, I knew there are many beautiful spot and delicious food. So I asked people in Australia about their country. I got 1 response to my question.

 Mitch lives in Melbourne. I thought Australia is always hot but snow in the mountain in winter. Of course in summer can be over 40 degrees. However there is not the custom of fireworks in summer. Normally, they watch only New Years Eve and when he travel in China for work so I’m very surprised. And of course he likes barbecue so he cook on it all the time. Therefore he thinks Australia’s traditional food is barbecue, mostly meat and prawns. On the other hand Australia’s famous animals is Koala so I thought Has they ever held a koala? He said “I held a koala but they sleep close 18 hours a day, so hard to see them.” I thought there is on the tree every time and they sleep only night so I’m surprised and I want to watch and hold a Koala more. 

 Then most different things to Japan and Australia are How old could they drink alcohol? Japanese can drink alcohol that 20 by Japanese law but Australian’s can drink alcohol since 18. I think it is huge difference of think. Because Japanese think adult is from 20 but Australian’s think adult is from 18. I think it is important problem that adult boundary. Otherwise there is Japanese food and it is very popular. He eats it once every 2 weeks at Japanese restaurant. And He thinks Japan is special place so he wants to go here.  

I learned about Aborigine’s for my other class. They make tools of hunting, musical instrument and so on. They took persecution in 1788 but they had been struggling to survive. Few people still found deep-rooted discrimination and prejudice for their but they are now more integrated into Australian society. I think they have beautiful heart so I want to meet theirs and I want to listen to their music that they made musical instrument. 

 I think Australia has many beautiful and interesting things so I researched this time, I really want to go Australia more. Then I want to make friends Australia’s and for all over the world and I want to learn about many thing that variety of country.

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08:43 PM Dec 10 2008



Hi, Midori*:)

Your report is very long!!!! You know many things, so I can learnLaughing