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April 2, 2009

   Have a Tomb-sweeping Day again in China! I remember always had a rain day before Tomb-sweeping Day every year….the same as this year.This time I own three-day vacation,but a lot of thing I’l do. To me, Qingming Festival,a very special day,let me think a lot(*^__^*).i think I’ll remember the day after Qingming Festival last year forever.

   What do we have on Tomb-sweeping Day except “burning”?

    Tomb-sweeping Day seems to be a season of memory. The constant drizzle reminds people of the affinity of forefathers and respect to ancestors. It's always raining during the Tomb-Sweeping Day, it's cold these days. The basic comity in Tomb Sweeping Day is ancestors worship, everybody has its own way to grieve. Many people who is out will put down their work, slow their feet and back home. It's the virtue of our land to go home when old.

   It is different between countryside and urban for worshipping the ancestors in the forms, there are many forms in the country, one set by one, while in the urban it's rather simple and environment-protection.

   In fact, besides "burnning money N paper", we can do more, such as we can go for a trip during these sunshine days with our relatives N friends, or have a deep talk after gather again.

   We should treat well to our relatives N friends who are still alive, N give them more care and love, besides remember our ancestors.


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