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hot hot days



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March 16, 2008

It's so exciting to smile to everyone!

have you tried to do it?

I've understood, why smiling people are so optimistic and cheerful, because they are open, and othet poeple like to make contact with them.


November 8, 2007

Well. The adventure to Londone was amazing, sweet, wonderful, exiting,... so i do not know so big quentity of words to explaine how i felt. I met one girl, who i had not seen for the 10 years. And i'm so happy, that i met her. To tell the truth i realized that my English is so... hm... bed? no much worse. Does somebody want to talk with me on skype?

02:36 AM Dec 01 2007



I have skype and I want to talk with you


09:38 PM Nov 30 2007




u have a very nice picture

 i wanna make friend with u

i have a project about chat with someone who good in english

plz help me na


answer my mail na

09:23 AM Nov 09 2007


wow! Karlis.. you are so dear..) thanx..) i will think about it..)

03:26 PM Nov 08 2007

United Kingdom

hi, i,m Karlis and yes your English is very bad! if you would like to contact me you can at karlisosis@yahoo.com and I will try and learn you. my family originate from Jelgava in Latvija. Dievs Sveti Latviju.

October 22, 2007

We are having the week long holidays and as a result i do not know what to do. I go to the driving courses in the mornings. After that i sleep, eat... and do nothing. Has someone got any ideas how to spend these fours days?

09:37 AM Oct 24 2007


hello holiday maynemiz  ilker  exsucume  !! msn ilker_34_4@hotmail.com

06:50 AM Oct 23 2007


well the spopping was done..) and i have not got money yet :D yeh... The weather in Latvia is terriable, about 4 digrees... so we do not dream about nice ten. Friends are enyoing their trips...  therefore i should be alone :) 

However i am playing the quitar, watching interesting movies, and driving with my driving instructor..)

10:36 AM Oct 22 2007

bent zayed
United Arab Emirates

u can go shopping or  to the beach and tru to have fun with u friend ..