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hot hot days

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October 15, 2007

So unexpectedly... but i am going to England on the 1st November! I hope i will see London with all that is connected with it - Big Ban, Tower... I'll drink real English tea and listen to English speach all around me! may be someone can get me any pieces of advice? :)

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12:54 PM Oct 18 2007



12:21 PM Oct 18 2007


no, you coutry is so lovely! i was there twice... (we have relatives there). People were so friendly and open.

All unknown is interesting..)

I started do it. But i need someone who will press to me.. because i'm so lazy person.>)

see you ;)

01:59 PM Oct 17 2007



hi :) yes i am from Poland :) and i think that its normal country -  nothing special :P, your probably is more interesting :]

and polish... hmm... u can learn it if u want :):) (i hope u will learn someday) 

take care and see u :) 

01:44 PM Oct 16 2007


yes! i think so too! :)

i think if human somthing wanted, he wuold achiev it! you need only patient and do not stop this process... /when i went to the University, i wuold go study abroud for some times... this is my plan for the future! ;) /

yes. I'm from Europe. From one of the Baltic countries exactly from Latvia. did you hear about it?

wow! so cute... i should remember! ;) and this is wonderfull! nothing can spoil it.



07:48 AM Oct 16 2007


that's so kool!!

i wish to go to America when i've graduate that makes me improve myself ^^

and where do you live sunny-greys ?  i think you might as well live in the Europe, don't you?

ps. 1st Nov. also be my Birthday , so i think those day must be another lucky day for us :D