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Viet Nam

August 7, 2012

I wasn't born on an autumn's day, yet I feel like attached to this season in certain ways. Autumn is mild and a little sad, romantic and inspiring, which is like my characteristic. Whenever there are cool breezes pass by at the end of Summer, I know it'about time for me to enjoy the best season of a year.  It should be slightly cold with raining but most of the time, it's favorably cool. On these days, I always dream about playing in large green fields, climbing the windy hills or somewhere else I can breath fresh air and wallow in soft sunlights.

I absolutely wanna go somewhere outside. Wink

June 8, 2011

It seems like a normal afternoon. I'm at work now, which means I'm not unemployed, for which I tried so hard. On looking back, I have nothing to regret or to worry. Now I'm totally satisfied with my life. I have good friends, a warm family, a stable job and enough money to live the way I wish. However, there's a wonder in my head. It has been around for so long and I could find no way to feed it. I always think of the person I will fall in love, like what kind he would be? would our affair be romantic like Ive been dreaming about. It should really be something for sure but I have no way to find out. The time with some of the boys I knew and nearly fell in love teaches me how difficult it is to find my dream boyfriend. May be some day I'll end up marrying the prince of my dream or just a too normal but nice guy. Yet it is the future and, therefore, mysterious enough to make my wonders grow up.

12:08 AM Jun 14 2011


Viet Nam

thank you so much for your sharing. I'll keep that in mind :d

02:19 PM Jun 11 2011


Viet Nam

take it easy then you will meet ur dream prince!

if you don't meet ur destiny, you can chat with me to share ur tired things temporally until you meet him:D

if you want you can chat with me on skype: sushineo 

god bless you:D

March 23, 2011

I'm unfortunate and always unfortunate. 

I never have a chance to prove how good I am before someone comes up and takes my place. Maybe I'm smart in almost every thing, I'm ignorant at this. If things like this keeps happening, what will be the the kind of ending I deserve?

I can change for the better but I'm still considered lacking by them. I hate it when i have to face the faith which is literally not fair for me. 

I'll pray until the bad luck is over but I'm still hurt so much.