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February 3, 2008

   Hı everone!My name is Moi .I m from Turkey.I m 19.My major is International Trade,but this year I m taking  English Course in my unıversty.Now look at down lines

   I m a fresh student .I m learning English this year,but I m going to learn maths,finance... I mean I must learn another language for my future.I will become international trader.What do you think of ı must learn japanese or other language?Which language you choose?

    Thank you to write comment , help me and spend time with my title for me.You are very polite person for me!Smile

07:21 AM Mar 28 2008


about this topic,i think there is one good choice for you,no doubt,i mean chinese.as china is gradually booming into one of the biggest international business role,chinese is destinied to become more and more important!

what is more,learning chinese and master it means not only a promising road to a successful future,but also means you are enable to communicate with more than 1.3billion persons,among whom,you may live a special and meaningful life.

and do not afraid of it,for you may ever heard that chinese is among those languages which a most difficult to learn.just make up your mind and begin to do and stick to it and you may win.i believe there is no easy job in the world which is really good.

there are so many chinese here everyday, if you just log into the chatting room or click to find,you may get to know someone very easily,and between the communication which chinese natives,your aim may draws near very day and night!

after all,wish you a brillient success!

07:06 AM Mar 28 2008


hi moi1913!long time no see,just because i am really busy since the very beginning of this semester,i have a lot of courses to learn and experiments to do.so please pardon me for this late reply!

i hope you are all right recently and good luck!