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June 8, 2007

Welcome, my dear friends, to my first blog !!! :-)


The purpose of writing it, is that almost all my friends from English Baby are always asking me the same questions: “What are you going to do in your vacation?” or “When are your finals going to begin?”. That is, they think that here the classes also finish in June. But it doesn’t.


The school year of Brazil starts in the beginning of February (usually in the first week). Then, in July, we have a one-month vacation, but in my case I think that I’m going to have just a fifteen-day vacation, because as I’m in my last grade at high school, I need to have more classes than the others. And finally in the end of November or in the beginning of December the classes finish. So we have a two-month vacation and it is in the summer. It’s time for fun! ;-D


And you? What are you going to do in your vacation?


That’s enough for now, and hope you guys like my blog! :-)


Best wishes for all !!! <3


From: Monique

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