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My happiness and sorrow

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January 30, 2008

These days China suffered from a heavy snow which is the heaviest in the previous decades of years.I am happy to see the beautiful snow secenery,and I have took lot's of photoes of it .I have uploaded some photoes ,if you're interested you can find them in my photo.

But i am also worried about the trouble brought by the snow.Some cities in china have no water nor electricity because of the snow.What's more,many trains can't  leave the station because the lack of electricity.Spring Festival is coming ,but many people who worked far away from home can't go back home.

Now the snow stoped in my hometown,but in some other areas in china it continues to snow.Our government has take active measures  to solve the problem.

I hope the snow can stop soon. 

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View all entries from My happiness and sorrow >

01:07 AM Jan 31 2008


I am a new member of ENGLISH BABY.I want to make

friends as many as possible. If you don't mind,you will be

the first friend of mine in the BABY.The snow begin to

stop in my hometown .



11:46 PM Jan 30 2008


Hi,lovely girl!

I do agree with you the snow cause a lot of inconvenience, I suffered a lot from it in order to back home for CNY.

If you don't mind,let's become friends!