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My happiness and sorrow

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October 14, 2012

This documentary film was made by Americans several decades ago. It tells us about the Japanese aggressive war against China. The Japanese never admit it, but history is history. The truth is there, never change.

From this documentary film, you can see how cruel the war is. The Janpanese soldiers simply lost their humanity. They killed countless innocent Chinese people, no matter men or women, even the old and children. The most unbearable thing is that they raped countless women and even girls, after that they killed them. 

All  Chinese people know this period of history. But the Japanese government has covered this period of history to their people. It's important to face history and confess one's crime. Only in this way, the same tragedy will not happen again in the future.

So I wanna people from all of the world see it, especially the Japanese. 

I hope  Japanese can think in another perspective, if Japanese underwent the same tradedy, what they would think?

Here is the link to the documentary film. I hope you can see it


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11:18 AM Oct 14 2012

tutorheatherSuper Member!
United States

Hi there. This is really interesting. I had no idea this happened. Here in the US, we also have "cover ups" by the government. Of course, we are not taught these things in school; we are only taught the good, honorable things in nation's history. However, we can each learn the truth through doing research and listening to other people -- like you! Thank you! Heather