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January 28, 2009

Cooking is my weak point, Yell
I trying to cook recently!!


Yesterday, I cooked curry and grilled chicken.

I made cooking well.

But, I went to a McDonald's with my friend,
so I didn't eat curry and chicken.

But! My family said these were delicious.
I was so gladWink


I thought that cooking for someone is good<3


From now~
I try to cook pork cutlet, salad and soup


January 28, 2009

I finished all my exams of college.
It means graduation is nearing.

I got many precious friends at collegeSmile!!!

They helped me many times when I was painful. They are very kind for me.

We always was laughing. We did funny, fool things.

I love such them.

Graduation is lonelyCry


I have best friends.

I love my friends soooooo much<3

I need my friends soooooo much<3<3


My best friends,

Thank you so much.




January 21, 2009

Hi, everyone 

 I like using English Baby to learn English. But I also use other websites to learn English.

One of my fvorite websites is Manythings.org


 This websites have a lot of games and exercises. 

Especially, I recommend hearing exercise!

You will surely favorite exercise:)


Next,I know is my favorite websites too.


we can learn many phrases which we use in my daily life. 

It is so useful.

Please go websites!