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November 12, 2008

For my survey I asked people about their recommend countries. I got 10 responses to my question, and people had many different opinions. Everyone said many countries.

One of man, he visited Tunisia, Egypt, Hungary and Greece. He said each good points like this, Egypt is low prices and many interesting places to visit, also Greek food is great!   One of woman, she visited Bali. She said there are many greens and good beaches, temples, beauty-treatment clinics. People in Bali who she met were really kind to her! And food were good. 

In additon, each 2 people recommend U.S.A., Australia and Thailand. And other people said Canada, Korea, Malaysia and so on.

Many people said the reason are city is beautiful, food is delicious, nice view, culture is interesting.

Thanks for participating in my survey. It was fun to read your responses, and it was useful.

I thought that each countries has many good places. I wanted to go many countries.



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