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December 10, 2008



For this report I research about Belgium. Belgium is in the western part of Europe. Brussels is capital city. Square measure is 30,528 km² and population is 10,580,000. It is small country. In Japan, waffle and chocolate are famous and popular. I like them too. Belgian use French, German and Dutch and maybe English. My 10 questions !

1.What is the famous and popular Belgian food?

2.What is the trend among young people?

3.Who is famous and popular Belgian people? (actor, singer, comedian etc.)

4.What do you think about Japan? Who do you know Japanese?

5.Do you like waffles? Do you make it in your home?

6.Have you ever been to Tournai Cathedral? How about there?

7.How do you spend your Christmas?

8.What are good points of Belgium?
Ex)delicious food, people are friendly, good climate

9.In Japan, there is Coming-of-Age Day. It is the event to celebrate about growing up. We wear a kimono, and meets many friends, and drink alcohol.
Is there such any ceremony in Belgium?

10.I want to go to Belgium.
Is there any recommended sightseeing place?

 Answer !

1. Beef steak and French fries

2. Going to disco's and house parties during the weekends

3. Koen Wauters (Singer)

4. Japanese people are very nice and friendly.
Many of them come to visit our cities Antwerp, Brussels and Brugge.

5. We used to make waffles always when there was a Birthday. This trend is fading.
Yes I like waffles.

6. No I haven't. I went to the Cathedral in Milano (Italy) That is very impressive.
It would be interesting to visit the castle of bouillon.

7. In the family. We have a meal.

8. Yes food is good and people are friendly.
Bruges, Gent Brussels and Antwerp but also Mechelen are very nice places to visit for tourists who like medieval art.
The climate is moderate, not very warm not very cold, because of the closeness of the sea.

9. No there is not. There are similar parties when youngsters go to the university for the first time.

10. It depends a lot on what you really like to see, but Belgium has a lot to offer and people in Belgium speak many languages.Brussels is the Capital of Belgium and it is also the capital of Europe.

I was glad to know about Belgium, and I really want to visit Belgium.




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