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December 6, 2009

  just like the topic

 i am happy today cause i just find some useful methods for my english tests with which i think i can achieve high marks

  for these days , i continue my study for master entry examinations

  mathimatics maybe ok as i have prepared so long time that i think i can take really high mark

  another subjects also feel fine although i dont prepare them very well , i can make sure that i can pass the exams without difficulty . the only one problem is that i possibly cannot take high mark in them

  maybe i cant say any more about my study or my preparation ,for i dont have much time ,especially now

  the last month, neither long nor short

  i hope i can achieve my dream, the initial dream


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09:08 AM Dec 09 2009



in my opinion, you speak English well than I do.. you could get a high marks. = )