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December 24, 2009

my article for preparing the master entry exams

please help me to revise my articles so that i can improve it more frequently . thank you very much


As can be seen from the picture, a huge net which contains many small cells is vividly depicted infront our eyes. In each room, a person sit infront of his computer with looking at the screen carefully. They are in favor of chatting or surfing on the internet instead of talking with others in reality.One chinese sentence bellow the picture which says"The Internet:Closer or Farer"describes the picture briefly.
  The drawer of this picture wants to draw our attention towards the relationship between the internet and the common run of men. On the one hand, with the rapid development of the internet and science,the internet connects us more closely.In the meanwhile, we can use it to communicate with others from different cultures, different nations as well as acquire enormously knowledge. On the other hand, surfing on the internet for long time will make us losing the opportunities talking with others face to face, decreasing our communicative capacity, and producing an obstacle unconsciously which will prevent us from chatting more frequently. Last but not least, we will feel more lonely as we have lost many friends in reality.
  So to come to a conclusion, it is better to surf on the internet in reasoning and in taking a good schedule. Dont indulge in the internet excessingly .It is of great importance to the adequate time spending on the internet. After all, the internet is created to connect you and me more closely,rather than produce a barrier between us.

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