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January 3, 2010

        War i a kind of disagreement between two or more countries for some reasons. İn the past lots of country battle with themself for somethings. End of the these wars lost their lifes. Every year, countries spent their moneys for wars. The amount of this money; is very big. Because of these reasons, we should solve this war problem. There are three most solutions to prevent wars; to consciousing countries, to show wars effects to countries, to conscious people.

       The first solution; consciousing countries is in the the most important things to stop wars. If the top of the government think to stop wars, everything may be easy. Because anytime they think that just war is way of the solve problems. they spent lots of money in this wars, and they lose lots of people in wars. Money and people, especially human is the most important things for governments. If there are no people, no government. If we success to explain that the importance of people to this countries. I'm sure they give up this way. They give up wars. 

        Secondly; in addition the first paragraph we should show the effects of war on people and governments and natural life. Maybe they can believe us easily. They battle for land or money. When in a war maybe they don't think people life. If we show this effects clearly to countries, it can be help us to stop war. For a minute maybe they think like a people, not like a machines. We can use pictures or istatical numbers for this purpose. Infacet if we touch their hearts, not their brains, we can solve this problem.
       Thirdly, Let's talk about people. People are the main point in this situation. Because they battle, damage, hurt, win, lost... People are the centre of this situation. Talking to people about wars and persuade them about don't battle is very important for world's future. If they don't want this, nobady can do this. Everything is cennection between people and their minds. We should talk about wars. I'm sure that they don't want to kill people, damage their futures and they want to have good future for their children.

       In a word people is in the most important things for wars. We should believe them peace. We should talk
with them about peace. Peace is the best way for everything. As big Turkish leader Atatürk's says; Peace at home, peace in the world.


From; Turkey.



02:17 AM Jan 05 2010

Chia Ni

Chia Ni

how aru u?

Everyone hopes world peace

But we all still and just study now

Don't for growing a warlike thing to vex

A little bit happy ^^

December 14, 2008




This is real Kristen


this mine



These photos are resemble? (in your opinion :) )

 Please comment on this!

06:36 PM Jan 03 2010



The picture looks great! Cool

01:27 PM Mar 22 2009



twilight? :D love this film.

/picture is perfect. :) 

08:49 AM Dec 21 2008



Thank youuu! :D

07:30 PM Dec 19 2008



OMG dam that draw it's so similar you're good :):)

very good, i don't know how to draw a circule lol xD  but you.. xD!  great job!

02:31 PM Dec 19 2008


Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands



December 12, 2008


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