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Viet Nam

May 29, 2010

 Hi everybody. How are you? what is your life going on?

    I have just written my essay. At the last I will graduate next June.  I have learn 6 year in Moscow.  This time's no long in life, but for me It's very long time. What do you think when I came here, I didn't know any Russian word. I couldn't talk with anynone. I tried to explain by English and by "body language". When I came here I was 19 years old, and now I am 25 years old. For 6 years everything changed.  

   I come back my country.  I want to work over there. But I promisse I will come to visit Russia. For 6 years Russia becomes a important part of my life. Russian language becomes my second language...I think I can't forget everybody, everything. My russian techers are very kind... The all of you I save in my heart.


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