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nothing venture nothing gain

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June 8, 2009

Not feeling well, the weather is unpredictable, two days in Bandung with lot of activities with my angels seem grabbed all my energy. But i won't regret it. They are my sun shine.

i already drunk multivitamin, and then one piece cold and flu medicine, i hope will better soon.

It's rain outside, can't get lunch on time, it's funny Pertamina building has not designed as well as ITB where you are treated not getting wet at all when it's rainy or shiny.

 I'm happy... finally i have talked with my angels by phone. They so cute, they so funny, they complained why i did not wake them up when i went to Jakarta this morning. And they asked whether i kissed them good bye or not, and i said i kissed them good bye. Actually i kissed them all the time when they were on their sweet dream.

Can't wait till next Friday, i have gave them my promise to go to MTC and Time Zone. 


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