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nothing venture nothing gain

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June 25, 2009

Oh my gosh! I'm in Bandung right now, I'm not go back to Jakarta. As i told in my last entry that i was going to Bandung with my friends to visit my ex boss because his mom passed away this morning.

We went after lunch, and we arrived at about 6 pm in Bandung and then we back to Jakarta at about 8 pm, before that we had dinner at Ampera (Sundanesse restaurant). My tummy are full and i'm not feeling well. So you can predict what time we will arrive in Jakarta?It's mid night!!

At the beginning i had plan to go to the office tomorrow morning, but all my friends on the trip suggest me not to do that...it's only one day office day, just send an SMS to my senior supervisor about it. Besides i really want to see my angels and my maid is sick so my sister is quite busy to look after 4 kids.

I can't sleep, beside of my full tummy, i wondering why he doesn't give an sms...Cry Well, at least i know that he's not serious, so...just try to seing another guy..

Sometimes gathering with friends (especially with older people) make me more open-minded about everything, i feel more comfortable work here.

My angels are in their school holiday, we have plan to visit Lembang, special place in Bandung that many people from other city go to visit, we are going to horse riding...can't wait till the day...

I wanna kiss my angels good night...

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09:48 AM Jun 25 2009


your english is very good, may u teach me?