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nothing venture nothing gain

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July 12, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday, last night I met my ex boyfriend at Jakarta, he picked me up at Gambir Station (head quarter train station in Jakarta).

I was so happy, because he treated me just like before, something that missing in my heart was return. He hold my hand, seems like he won't let me go. He called me beautiful like he used to. That's not a shit, because I know what kind of guy he is. I'm so happy in the way he looked at me, it was absolutely like we were together in a relationship.

He gave me a beautiful present, it's kind of women accessories, with a wonderful packaging. He was so sweet. He was so romantic.

Though we are not together any more I know that I still in his heart and vice versa, it's just a matter of distance and time.

Just let it flow like the way it should..

I'm happy and sad as well.......   

We are going to meet again today after working, tomorrow is my last day to be with him, he is going to Papua, Irian Jaya for his duty.

I never know when will i see him again...

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