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nothing venture nothing gain

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July 25, 2009

Life is should be never flat, sounds like one of ad that I commonly hear on TV. My life was more organize before I met him for no reasons. I should say no for a reason.

My first daughter is sick, I haven't slept yet, I love my angels, I should be more focus on them than just think about spouse or romance. Those are suck!

My home is so messed up. I only have one maid to look after my angels, but since my sister moved here and have no maid of herself, my maid was so busy with her kids...I was a little bit upset, my mom also, but she is more wiser than me, and there is nothing I can do...Sometimes something acrossed my mind to have my own family, which means I have to get married, find Mr Right..etc..etc...that would be make me more nuts.

We have family gathering this midday...I want to stay at home with my first daughter but she really look forward to come along...

Tomorrow is Monday...I don't like Monday..but staying here would drive me crazy...my angels are the reason to live.



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