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nothing venture nothing gain

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July 30, 2009

Visiting you tube.com...searching for Selena "Dreaming of You", I love this song..reminds me of my first serious ex boy friend. Not exactly on him..but to..kind of I used to be a good, innocence, stubborn girl...I had have no idea about world wild..

Late at night when all the world is sleeping..

I stay up and think of you...

Did you realize that song is the best recorder ever...than pictures took by camera, diary that told everything or other stuff? and your ears are working better than your eyes?

and I wish on a star...

that somewhere you are thinking of me too...

When you tuned in a song that used to be your soundtrack of life, you not just re-winding everything by your brain but your heart as well, you can suddenly feel sad, upset...happy...seems like every little moment showed up to bounced your heart. Just like I am now. What a silly thing to do, here...midday...in office hour..at my desk...just because I have nothing to do since a couple days ago...I have finished all my work right on time...Innocent

wonder if you ever see me..

wonder if you know I'm there...

Huuaaaaa..I wanna getting hitch....I don't wanna live alone... I know I have kids, but soon they will have their own life...what make me think this far.... see...that's the power of a song....make you nuts..uncontroll..just like me...right now...

if you looked in my eyes..

would you see what's inside would you even care...

I just wanna hold you close, but so far..

all I have are dreams of you...

Sometimes I just so tired of being alone, it's just an old weighing on feeling, I never let my mind free about getting hitch...I'm too afraid of heart breaking, though I know it's part of our way of life that we can't neglect..I'm to afraid of getting divorce...I'm too fret about having new birth, how to bring home the bacon, I supposed to learn how to trust anyone else and plus...how to get both family of getting along...OMG...

so I wait for the day..

and the courage to say how much I love you..

yes, I do.. 

I'm alone at my desk..guys do their Jumat prayer...girls taking a nap..LoL..or do some shopping...I just got back having lunch...blogging is more attrack me..

I'll be dreaming of you tonight..

till tomorrow I'll be holding you tight..

I hope someone can convince me about life, marriage, else...

I'm so happy just think about him...right this very minute..but I ruined everything by suddenly think of him with someone else...wtf...

but there's no where in the world I'd rather be..

than here my room dreaming about you and me..

late at night when all the world is sleeping..

I stay up and think of you..

and I still can't believe that you came up to me..

and said I love you..I love you too..





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07:16 PM Jul 31 2009


My life was not that melancholy...I have no idea what is love actually recently, so I would appreciate my precious moments when I used to be a person who believe in love...and a song can brought me there...

This song is one of them... 

11:36 AM Jul 31 2009



 never liked this kind of songs .....life itself is quite  melancholy....

 just wish the distance between you and him to disappear....