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nothing venture nothing gain

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August 3, 2009

Listening to Beyonce..if I were a boy..I love the music and the rhythm, but I hate the lyrics...Life was full of intrigues, so don't make it worst by listening the lyrics...catchy songs are better...like Selena dreaming of you in my last entry for example...heheh..

I have a problem with my friend at my next desk, actually I have no problem at all...but she does... Did you enjoy your self being around with someone that get bummed out easily?

I know she has a problem with her family, but I really can't help at all...actually I have helped her once, but..one day...I have missed communication with her at parking area and something came out of her mouth that made my heart hurt..so..besides I can't help at all, I have a little bit feeling of kind of..none of my biz..

She called me last night for asking my favour, and when I said I can't, she just put the phone suddenly, I was sank in..and now this morning at my office..she said no word at all...

I'm gonna have some hectic days in next few days..so..I will have no entries..no visiting..perhaps...25 % maybe yes...75 % no!!..heheh..

I got my sister bought me a fragrant, nice packaging, so girlish, pink bottle with pink liquid, nice way to spray to your body, exclusive and expensive. I used it today, smells good for a few hours and I love it..but now it's getting bother me...I don't know...I never use perfume in my life..   

I love doll my self up..but it depends on my mood...hehehe


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