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nothing venture nothing gain

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August 30, 2009

I'm visiting this website...again...after for almost a month or two month I loose my attentions on the internet..

I've read one of my English baby friend's blog a few days ago, and she wrote about her bad habit list... And I guess I have one from so many my bad habits...This is it! Some people said don't love or have a crush on something to much..You will hate it sooner...Or sounds sort of a lyrics from Patty Smith's song "but there's a danger in loving somebody too much..."

But.. Sometimes.. I just feel kind of... I really really into that circumstances..I don't pay attentions to anything (except my daughters and my job that was front of me of course)so..I got more concentrate for something else... And something acrossed my mind that maybe I need some brain washing someday...

There are also soooo many disadvantages of this habit...But I'm too tired to write all of them down here...

I can't wait for my precious time on Tuesday morning...When I got my time alone at my office to start blogging in this site... I miss that feeling...

I have to packing.. I hate it and the feeling surround it. I'll be late tomorrow morning...

But I'm so glad because I got my soul back and it's Ramadhan...May God bless my mom, my angels and myself...


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