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nothing venture nothing gain

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September 9, 2009

It's 2 pm now..We have an hour left, people are getting bored, have no desire to do anything except a little chat. Like this old man besides me...Talking about accident he had this morning.

I got a visit to next building (Kwarnas Building) for my work which already done and ready to use. This is my first project in Pertamina and it takes one year to complete it.

In my work, first of all, you've done with lay out furniture..

And then I make it build-up on 3d max programme, so it will help common people who are not easy to imagine 2 dimension drawing on 3d...

This is an image which helped user to figure out what would their receptionist area look like.

This is a  meeting room design on 3d max programme..user who will use this room have to approve this drawing, and then we would produce it according to this approven drawing.

I'll come up on my next entry with my precious master piece pictures...Coolincluding a cute spoiled little girl designer..

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