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nothing venture nothing gain

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October 3, 2009

I have a great shopping just now, I went shopping by myself without my daughters, like it used to. Not buying clothes, barbies, toys, not just sight seeing or having lunch out side..And (once again) all by myself!! I bought a large white board, markers, eraser, plus ice creams and snacks. Yeah...I have a new resolution for today (last night actually). I want my babies become smart and clever. And I wanna become a mature, long and positive thinking mom. I wanna be like my mom... smart woman...

My mom always teach my daughters mathematics, reading alphabet, reading Al-quran every night when I am in Jakarta. But on weekend when I am here, I have my daughters always playing and sight seeing all the time, or playing on-line games on the internet (and off-line as well), out of my purpose it became a new habit of my daughters. It turns them out become spoiled girls and I just realized it last night when I asked them to study and they have refused.

I got yelled and so mad, and though my babies are twins, they have an opposite character. My lil' daughter suddenly got her book, pencil and started to do some mathematics assignment from me (which means she's not confusing me at all), but my big daughter got cried, and need some times to got her mood good and did the assignments (which means need more a bunch of patients to face her).

My mom always complain about how I treat my daughters, how I always do what they asked me to, or buy and give everything they asked for, but I never listen to her, I just thought that I have lost my days for week days and on week end I want to spent all my time to make them happy. But my mom gave a good advice last night, and it punched my heart and my mind as well. The only thing that make mom proud of me was, I love books, I love reading and so my daughters. (FYI, I love drawing but my daughters don'tCry)

My daughters have beautiful minds and I really really proud of them, they can finished all the mathematics homeworks from their extracurricular activities, they can read now, and they can read Al-quran. 

This is the last day of my babies' long holiday, tomorrow they are going to school, and back to the class, courses etc. They got 50 assignments of mathematics just now... And they seems enjoy the ice creams and snacks that I just gave them because they did them all correct, outstanding...

Thanks to my mom...



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06:14 PM Oct 04 2009


Hi..thanks for reading and give your comment...you are awesome...We read Al-quran using Arabic like it used to. We read Bahasa Indonesia (which is our mother tongue) using European alphabets. 

But we need Al-quran with it's translation so we do understand what Islam is...It's a little bit funny here when you read Al-quran using European alphabet.


04:35 AM Oct 04 2009



Dear July ,Thanks for sharing your emotion.Being parent are most difficult situation.But It is worth trying to be the best mom.When they are grown or get older , you will be happier.Which language do you read Quran with?I can't read Arabic Quran .I can just read Turkish with European alphabet. God bless you and your family.