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nothing venture nothing gain

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October 5, 2009

I decided to open my heart again, after all what happened I know there is no need to wait. I won't wait anymore. Thanks God, though it left pain, torn apart, this is the answer..Life must go on. I can smile for the day. It's time for a new page.

I'm starting seeing around, talk to guy, I gave them my telephone number, I gave them a change to talk and to know me better. And thanks God (once again) I met nice ones.

I just remember this morning at the elevator I met this guy (my new hobby of seeing around), he's cute (OMG, after one year I work here, I saw him for the first time)...Actually I saw him at parking area, he was just out of the area and so were I. When I wait at the elevator, he came in, and we were in it. He's at first floor. I told my friends about it, and something exciting is waiting...hahahha...They're gonna find out who he is.

After an hour pass, one of my friend came to my desk and he asked " so, when are you gonna get married? we wait for the day don't wait too long..." UUUAAAT?? hiks....My mom also asked my age last weekend, and when I answered it 30, she said "OMG time passed you by so quick.." (Fiiiuuuh...where have you been mom....Cry)

It feels weird though, I talk to guys, which is I never do for last couple of years. But I gotta enjoy my life, like my mom said, I'm single, young (29 with two 6 years old babies is young you know..Innocent) I have a beautiful carrier and about how I look?...not bad at all -_-'......But the best thing that I ever had is my babies...I don't care about being single as long as I got them...OMG..Thanks for this blessing.  

Sometimes, I got something across my mind, that how lucky I am, living single, with my daughters (which means I already got something that I live for) I can bring home the bacon, I am freeeeee......... I can coming home as I wanna, I can chat with everyone as I like, I can buy anything with my own money. If I take a look at my friends and my relatives that already got husband..They are happy but on the other side...Uummm...I can't say that marriage is horrible.

And what about some girl friends that haven't got married yet...Yep...people gotta thank God for everything they already earn.

I don't care about my status, about being widow, I got this status because I wanna be a better person as a human being...I take all the risks. And I proud that I can make it..I love the way I am now...Hope my daughters grown up become smart and strong ladies...

I love my life...No body can make it worse...




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05:20 PM Oct 06 2009


thanks aliali_june...wish you happy with your life too...

04:59 AM Oct 06 2009

Viet Nam

Wish you are always happy with your life. Cool

09:29 PM Oct 05 2009


Hi Jucoba..( july coba-coba..) LOL

Thanks for recall me about how we must thankful for what we got...I really appreciate it...Sure I will never forget how thankful I am with this blessing.

09:07 PM Oct 05 2009



you get the things that make some women jealous to you. offcourse, it's not impossible to get everything, but if we can get a part, we must say thanks.


as we already know, He will give to anyone who's grateful with many others blessing, so be carefull for not to be selfish and  arrogant or we may finish this life with many lost.

enjoy your life and keep happy