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nothing venture nothing gain

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October 20, 2009

I got an invitation from someone on Ebaby! as usual because it is not a clear profile I got declined it. But this young man kept massaging and when I still got my name miss lazy I haven't reply it over and over, till he said "I got connected on the internet just to see if I got a massage from you" I thought it's just another asshole I met here on the internet.

And then I replied his massage just trying to be a polite person. And after I got a bla..bla..bla... conversation,  he introduced me a new website to learn and practice my English,  he said it was better than English baby, once again I feel so lazy to write the url on the tool bar. But yesterday when I got so boring behind my desk and got tired of my visit to some projects. I try to looked at  the web. The web called livemocha...since I love coffee so much, and my fav. colour is brown. Suddenly I got my heart into it. (You gotta see it to know why)

First thing when I got my account on it,  is looking how's to blogging on my profile, but I gotta do some explorations on it because I totally don't get  how it's work. I still can't find out till right now...Cry I still got confused.

And unfortunately, this web running so slow on my internet, I don't know why but it gets hang up everytime I wanna try to adding some friends. Need a ton of patience here. Well, maybe just not the time I leave Ebaby! Haha...Well I don't have any idea about living Ebaby! just got a bit  upset, sad, mad of some crazy members!WTF 

I got my mood not really good these days, but it had out of my chest this morning, when there was a young man add me on English baby, ( with two other declined invitations) I saw this guy from Indonesia, his profile was not clear actually but he was also adding me on my facebook and it was quite informative there. After we got chatting on facebook and then we moved to messenger, and then he asked me to make a phone sex, (uatt!!at 8 am, behind my desk??) I can't believe it! He just 20! Of course I refused it, I don't know which part of where of Indonesia because he was asking me why I didn't go to bed yet...(insane). He said sorry for asking and I can removed him if I wanna..(with my pleasure). And he said bye, and I answered okay, and then he said he wanna leave his cell phone number but I said no thank you and then he said bye again and then I said okay again. And then he got mad why I kept answering while he had closed my window already. It's me who should get mad! A freak I met for the day.

Before that I also met a guy, on English baby and asking me for marry him and he said he was serious ( oh yeah right!) I got no paid attention on him but then he said he loves my kids and I need no worry because he got some houses, cars, and settle on finance and he will give my babies well education but I have to live in India, and I can visit my mom on summer (hahah come on..bring it on! do you think your money can buy me?). And then he sent me his photo and NNNOOOOOOOO! 

And another guy asking me to come to his hotel room because he was on a business trip to Indonesia, I made a curse and swear alot on him, but then he did apologize and we talked about something else, and he always asking about my babies, how much my salary and so on and so on...( do you think I can't feed my daughters??).

I really don't care about beeing such a kind of thing but sometimes our mood is not always on a good control, and when it was on a fragile conditions it will switched to explode easily. And it happened to me several times. Including this time... and sometimes I wanna give up about  guy, love etcetera because some offline friends sometimes did the same thing, like having a secret lover..haha...no thank you...

Do I have to find man on the mosque?, when there is Jumat pray on Friday or on Ramadhan when there is Taraweh pray..(well there is a mosque in front of my house, I can just wait on the balcon after the break of those prays..) sometimes this kind of silly tought accross my mind..hahah...(of course I wouldn't do that (the balcon part)) but sometimes someone that who really know about Islam(not all of them) make a good excuse about doing poligami. I don't know what should I take as a guarantee. Or is it me that who gotta change my point of view about love?  

There you go, a new annoying window chat just opened, I hope I got a lot of patience on it...

Swallow : Here is mate, is injured and the condition is fatal..She was hit by a car and she swooped low across the road.

He brought her food and attended her with love and compassion....

He brought her food again but he was shocked find her dead. He tried to move her... a rarely seem effort for swallows!

Aware that his sweetheart is dead and will never come back again, he cries with adoring love...

He stood beside her, saddened of her death...

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05:24 PM Oct 23 2009


Hi Arlene..it's 6 am here, I think I left you for bed last night...hahah...Yeah...we gotta be careful for a such wasteful thing like that. Do you think my English is good, I think yours is better. I also like to read some blogs of other members, I hope it will improve my writing and reading skill...I hope Sealed

09:10 AM Oct 23 2009



You are so funny you know, but you are so right. I don't know why there are a lot of people doing that, like phone sex, sex through webcam, etc. why don't they just go out and buy a prostitute instead. There, they can do whatever they want.haha... I so much hate those people too, that's why I hate talking via messenger coz people there often talk like sexy chat, coz they know it's private. You can learning nothing from them but a load of sh*t.hehe.

Wow! your english is really great. I learned so much from it. I'll always come here. hehe

07:26 AM Oct 23 2009


Hi Candy, glad to see your comment, your English also very good. I think we can escape or hide from those kind of guys, but it turn out bad when we're not in a good mood. I saw your baby... very cute...

09:41 PM Oct 22 2009



July, your english is quite excellent.  I have read your text, I agree many friends from this website like that kind of topics. I hate this too. that's why I never add new friends from Englishbay to my MSN. it's boring to refuse and cancel them.