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nothing venture nothing gain

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November 12, 2009

I almost make a scream when one of my friend here, stands right behind my back and read a loud for every word that I write here. Ufff...for heaven's sake...There are freaks in here.

This is it, today is the end of this hectic weeks...I miss my mom, I wanna have a phone call to my mom's cell phone...she didn't pick the phone up as usual, maybe she is in the pantry right now or in a dining room, so I made a call to my home phone, and my mom picked it up. She sounds so lovely, happy and that made me wanna cry...(it sounds too much I know, but this is what I'm feeling). She told me that my daughters are fine and they are on school right now. I asked her if she okay and don't forget to go to the nearest doctor as soon as she feels not well. 

Hehe..I wanna go shopping with some friends here, I know it's an office hour, but it is an hour forward through coffee break..hahha

I'll make a writing about the shopping area that I wanna visit recently, I think it's a quite interesting thing to write.

I just arrived....it's15.30 here..so it took 5 hours to go shopping. Ummm...we bought so many funny knick knacks, I bought two kind of piggy banks for my daughters, with princess disney characters image. FYI, my daughters are addicted for Princess Disney characters stuff. But I can a little bit feel happy because they are getting into Minnie Mouse and Dessy Duck, recently Mario Bross. I have a plan for my daughters that they gotta start the program of saving money, I won't buy them things easily, they gotta save first.

We went shopping at ASEMKA groceries shopping centre, this is my third visit here, when I have my first one, it's about a couple months ago, and when I was there, seems like we go crazy on shopping, because there are a lot of funny things, and the cost is 50% less the normal price.

Ummm...I gotta go, it's time to catch the train, the rain season is coming, it is almost every day rain falls down, and as you can see on TV news flood is everywhere.


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04:34 PM Nov 15 2009


Haha..Yeah Arlene, I already approved you comment on my wordpress, as I told you I never showed up there, I'm too afraid to write some personal heart flow there, aaannd I saw your blog as I clicked on url on your comment at my blog and I found it, your fully twilight saga blog. O my god, it's a great color composition on it, great, you got the image of the mysterious twilight, I love it!

And it spurs my longing to maintain my blog there, well at least I will not treat it as my personal diary like in here, maybe just like yours, I will talk about my job and my hobby on design...I will work on it...

And...I will have the novels of twilight saga, I promise...Sealed and collect the dvds... 

07:01 AM Nov 15 2009



hehe, she's reading your blog out loud, that's embarrassing") I feel embarrass when someone doing that to me. Sometimes though, it's fun.hehe. You are such a sweet mom, you know, your daughters are so lucky to have you as their mom. By the way, I read your comment on my wordpress site, how funny that you end up into my twi collection, hehe, I know it makes you feel boring, you can see nothing from it but all twilight stuff. I wondered why you came there, as I remember I gave you my other site not that one. Anyways, here's my writings blog again, http://mickeeblog.wordpress.com/. and Oh, yeah, I searched your wordpress site and luckily I found it, hehe, I saw you first and only blog, in fact I left a comment there.

Take care always my friend.

06:48 AM Nov 13 2009


Hi Viona, of course I love my daughters so much, well, what do you want me to buy for you? there are great stuff there, have you been there? It is almost everyday Jakarta washes by raining in torrents, and I just got a msg from my friend that today there was typhoon, but when I left Jakarta, it was so cloudy. I'm in Bandung now, when I put my feet on the ground I felt the drizzling...so Bandung...I love the savour of Bandung...

05:13 AM Nov 13 2009

viona helena

Hi July,that's good to have a saving program for your lovely daughter! You must be love her so much dont you? n_n btw,why you didn't buy something for me at ASEMKA? hahaha kidding! Well,i live in Bogor. And almost everyday is raining day,so just enjoy it July! Love ya!