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nothing venture nothing gain

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December 5, 2009

I got so many sites today for practice English, and it stressed me up! Two days ago I got stressed because seems like I can't keeping track on Ebaby lesson everyday. So many vocab to learn, grammar, try to write something, but I don't know what to write. Browsing to another web site might be a little bit help to get out of this kind of stuck atmosphere. But only Ebaby! where is you can blogging!

I visited a new web just now, it's an ESL web, but the appearance is totally looks like facebook. You know who got online from your friend list, and you can chat directly to the person, and than you can share every single thought in your mind. So, what's the super?

Why should I study English this kind of way, practice everyday, got chatting with foreigners, attending my English class after I got worked. Read this, read that! EEErgh!! I don't know if I can mastering English, I don't feel that I got better with it! Going down...down...down...

I know.. I know.. English is important, to go international, for my study or for my carrier. Ugh!

Senangnya dulu saat bersamamu
Setiap waktu terasa indah bagiku
Saat kau memelukku, ku makin jatuh cinta
Takkan ku lupa rayuan cintamu

Bahagia yang kurasa, hanya sementara
Ku terbuai cintamu

Dulu kau bilang... sayang padaku
Dan dulu kau bilang... ya cuma aku
Selalu kau bilang... kau rindu aku
Tapi ternyata, (ternyata) semua itu palsu

Dulu kau bilang kau sayang padaku
Dan dulu kau bilang ya cuma ada aku
Slalu kau bilang kau rindukan aku
Tapi ternyata semuanya itu palsu

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04:04 PM Dec 06 2009


Hi Satar..I think things are gonna get better..but the bad mood is still in the air.. I'm tired of life, not just about English...tomorrow my English class will learn English through songs. I hope it's gonna be great!

05:00 AM Dec 06 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi sister.

Some time Im not in a good mood too and I dont wanna learn any thing.I wanna only pass time! I wanna go out and sing!

But must try and learn!!!!

05:48 AM Dec 05 2009


my spirit is about next to zero....but I hope tomorrow is getting better.........

04:58 AM Dec 05 2009

Viet Nam

Try your best!!!!!!!!

You will do it best. Cool