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nothing venture nothing gain

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December 8, 2009

After I pressed the cappuccino button on the coffee machine, here in my office, I have no desire to drink it at all. It's getting cold now. Actually I never suit with the coffee from coffee machine more over with the chocolate machine because the taste are not like coffee and chocolate like they used to.. I guess.. They tasted too sweet and too strong, but no need coin which is make this coffee machine in Technical Support Division become special. Haha...

I try to recall and write down about yesterday. I met this cute guy last night, he asked me to go out for dinner before he go on duty trip to Lampung today. I don't know for how many times I met him, last night he looked like he used to, charming, polite, sometimes good looking, and I love him when he was talking about Islam a lot... Innocent I was in a bad mood at the beginning but fortunately met him last night and received his short massages on my cell phone made me a little bit happy. I know my ex boyfriend will interrogate me because of this.

My mood is back in learning English, my English class practice English through songs this weekend, we can sing our favourite songs and the chosen one in a karaoke room! Yeah...we go out. It's fun! Listening English songs and try to write them down are hard but help a lot!

I miss my daughters, they always see me talking in English and listening English lesson in the net or my cell phone, they can speak a little and not ashamed on speaking in English. My daughters gotta good in English! I always miss my daughters so much!  


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