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nothing venture nothing gain

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December 27, 2009

It's Monday again...but I feel it..after a loong weekend with some great experiences of holiday with my family in Garut, I feel that kind of facing a new life in the last weekdays of 2009.

Last long weekend, me and my family visited Garut for spending the weekend, I never thought that Garut would be the best place I've even didn't notice before and fishing was an awesome wasting time activity somehow! Haha..

We left Bandung early in the morning on Saturday. In the first group, there was me, my daughters, mom, my brothers, and in the second group was my sister, brother inlaw, sister inlaw, nephews, and my niece. Yeah, we left in a large group. And the first place we visited was water park in Garut city, it's located in Garut gate before we entered the center of the city, and all the water in those sights are from the local nature hot springs, and it's famous every where because of its efficacy. It's holiday season, so there were many visitors, beside pools for kids there are also some challenging slides for adults, and they were so high and pumping your adrenalin. My daughters so excited about everything, they are learning to swim now. But the sun shine was so high, so I got my skin brindled, and so were my daughters.

After we have felt got burned under the sun, we checked in to the hotel, and it was a beautiful resort - hotel with its hot springs pools. My daughters couldn't stop swimming and taking a bath. And I say it once again that it was a beautiful resort - hotel, we rent a bungalow above a large fish pond with sound of water flowing in a small stream. And as I see most of the hotels and restaurants in Garut are above the fish ponds, a huge one.

In the night, we got a dinner in (once again) a beautiful restaurant, and (once again) it was stand above a large fish pond, with beautiful lighting at night, modern and minimalist interior design, it was fascinating! It was raining, but it was piecing a kinship atmosphere. We got a warm dinner in a cool air of Garut.

Having a sleep tight in the hotel rooms, and in the morning without taking a bath, we were bathing in the hot springs pools, but we could'nt stand long there, because the water was soooooooooooo hot! we got boiled. Haha...

Then we preferred going outbond behind the resort (it is part of the hotel), and all I can see was beautiful views ever, there are tens of bungalows connected with wooden bridges above fish ponds with some beautiful efflorescent lotus. We took a walk and pictures everywhere. My daughters were so happy, they were running, jumping and hanging everywhere..hahaha...I'm so worried about their endurance. But Alhamdulillah they were fine till the last minutes I left them to Jakarta...Hiks.. I miss them already!

Before we ended up all the weekend, me and my family including mom went fishing, I never thought that fishing could be so amazing and interesting. My desk mate, he's an old man, and loves fishing so much! He got pictures of his big catches in his office desk cubicles, and I wonder what was the interesting of fishing, but I got struck, I got addicted of fishing, I don't even care that my skin got burned! And I thought so was my mom, and my brothers. The funny thing was my mom also took fishing, she just stood in the corner of the fish ponds, so quite, so elaborated and the last minutes she got the first and the last fish of her catch, she got exhausted and screamed "Mama got the fish!" OMG! She was so feel it! And we couldn't took away the smiles from our faces!

We checked out the hotel at midday on Sunday, and we got lunch in another beautiful restaurant, but it got so Sundanesse traditional concept. It was also amazing above the fish ponds. And you can see gooses in the middle of the ponds. Some views that you can't see in a big city surrounding.

When I was on my way home, the traffic jams were everywhere, I gotta catch Bandung before 4, cause the train schedule was at 5.10 pm because I have to back to Jakarta on Sunday. I arrived exactly at 4 at home, I kissed bye my daughters, mom and I straightly went to the train station. Fiiiuh...that was a hectic moment but I enjoyed every minutes of its. But I still miss my daughters so much!

Next weekend is gonna be another long weekend for new year eve, mmmm.......... I hope another great holiday experiences with my family will coming along...

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05:19 PM Dec 28 2009


Thanks Sat! I miss you...

07:07 AM Dec 28 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Certainly our family is the best thing in the wourld for us!

 I wish you enjoy of your life every time!

Be happy