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nothing venture nothing gain

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February 18, 2010



When I put my back at my chair this morning, after I got my breakfast with my friend here, I just remembered my dream last night, I had a dream that I cut off my long hair, and after that I removed my gray hair, because I have a bunch of gray hair -only at the left top of my head- and I got them since I was in junior high school. 

Leisurely, I asked my friend about it, actually I shouldn't ask him because he is one of my "friend fight" here, but seriously I ask him mean it. Attentively he told me that means "breaking up!" what??. I asked my friend at my messenger list, he also answered with the same answer. Eeerrrgh....

I never believe in dreams, but I have some experiences that make me believe in dreams. And it successfully, giving the colour of blue for this whole day...

I got my headaches.... I really need to remove my gray hair asap!


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