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nothing venture nothing gain

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March 11, 2010

Actually, I was starting this Friday with a good trigger, my boyfriend picked me up from home to office. Nice... right??. When I put my foot at my office lobby, I saw my breakfast mate (I always have breakfast with him)have his breakfast out from our common canteen, and I was not after him like I used to, because I saw him with someone that I'm not really into. So I have acrossed my mind to ask someone else to have breakfast with me.

First, I asked the ladies, and I was absolutely sure that they won't agree cause they love sit and too lazy to lift their bodies downstairs, though we got elevators here. No wonder they always call me skinny and I always call them back fat! But we're a great team somehow! Hehehe....

Second, I asked the men, and that is why I prefer men office mate than women, cause they were nice friends to hang out, and won't objection if you asked them anywhere and not too sensitive for something that not really important. And they love hang out just for a cup of coffee... that's just like me! I always hang out with the men actually, but I just try to be nice to the women here. And to muffle some gossips about me, as you know widow won't  live clean everywhere, and just like my mom always said "be careful with the men with wife at home."

When I have breakfast with guys, I got some sms from the ladies and they entrusted so many food for their breakfast. G! No wonder they got those sizes!

Another thing that make me have a bad mood today is, I've lost my ticket for Jakarta, so I have to take care of them or buy another tickets, and I'm not sure of getting some seats, because for some people next weekend is gonna be a loooooooong weekend.

And those guys on messenger, I hate them sometimes, they are to much pushing me of something, like having date, or always say that they love me so much, though I've said NO for million times, and it continues everyday, last minutes... I feel so upset! WRATH!

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