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nothing venture nothing gain

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March 24, 2010

I was a little bit upset of my boyfriend yesterday, just because of a small deal (I think), I had no idea why my mood was easily turning bad at that time till the rest of the day, I think it was because I'll got my period in a short time forward.

When I woke up this morning, I sent him an sms, I was a bit regret for what I've done to him, speaking curtly when he called me, but I know I love him so much and I know he loves me too.

I home office on time yesterday, I didn't wanna meet him, I didn't wanna him pick me up from office.. though I missed him so much, I just wanna be alone, struggled with my mismash feelings.

At home... I cleaned up my home, washed my laundry, which was usually my maid did that for me, I took shampoo to refresh my mood, I tried keeping my self busy.. after that, I watched TV but I don't know what was I watching, I just feeling lonely, I stared at clock on the wall, and was thinking that if I wasn't having a bad mood, maybe I was by his side right now. I even didn't touch my pc.

I wanna meet him today, see his face and hold his back...I've called my daughters already like I used to, I pray for their singing competition today, hope Allah smoothen all their way. I love my daughters so much, they called me every two hours a day. Sometimes I heard they were crying on the phone, sometimes I heard they cheering and laughing just for a little stuff. I know they got me only, and I'm proud becoming their mom and thanks God for left them by my side. 

I think my mood is already in a good shape, but friends here make me upset already...:(  She read loudly what I've write here while I'm typing, and other girl here make a comment about my size and when I called them back fat, they will quite asap!

Oh yeah, I got an offered of a project abroad when I edited my online portfolio on coroflot.com yesterday. Working behind office desk as a routine activity and living far away from family make me boring and I miss having self driven projects, though it's really really a hard job, but my job is my hobby... so bring it on! :)  

I just uploaded a new image there, but it isn't my recent project here at Pertamina, I've worked it months ago, but I loved this new image concept of Pertamina (not because I'm the designer..hehe)


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