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March 26, 2010

Human beings are essentially equal whatever they are poor or rich, diseased or healthy. It is human nature that we are desirous of other’s respect and each of us should be respectful to other people as well in the same way. Only one good turn deserves another. ­

I learn from a newspaper that a servant training organization will soon set up in Fujian Province. The project is aimed at training household servitor on professional family-care knowledge and housework skills, since many families complain about poor service quality and unqualified servants in today’s housemaid industry. It isn’t uncommon that more and more families have to change the maidservant monthly on average. What ever gave rise to this curious situation? It can simply and unilaterally caused by servant party’s fault? The hirers don’t have any imperfection, do theyFrown?

It is fact that lots of housemaids suffer from discrimination as soon as labor relations established with their owners. Viewing to their low culture level, social status and needy circumstance, numbers of hiring families turn up their noses at them and they are shamed to walk and talk with them in public place. They can order handmaid at will, and even children have right to lose temper at them discourteously. It is unavoidable that they may be involved in the danger of being picked a hole in what they done when the hirers are in bad mood. What bad luck! It is too unfortunate to say anything when a pointless quarrel occurred during a dinner just for the servant fail to satisfy different tastes of members. CryThe most tragic sight is that the owners never express any gratefulness and warmth to housemaid’s hard working. ­

It is certainly difficult to be such an all-round, modern servitor, not only should they perform their own duties but also learn to play a mute buffoon role in house working. what’s more, they are prepared to take part in professional study and up-value and perfect themselves. At that time, the hirers will satisfy with them or not? Will more and more long-term servant hiring relationships be established in the near future? I can not be able to answer it, for I don’t know whether the hirers try to examine their own conscience during the servant’s improvement.

It is doubtless that the family-serving hiring situation will not virtually enter to a new stage without mutual effort and understanding. Obviously, the hirers should be responsible for the broken hiring relationship to some extent. We can see clear that most of hirers lose balance, they look down upon their servant’s condition and ability, however, they set high and even extreme hard working standard in their working. The hirers consider themselves above the maid in every respect, nevertheless, they do not correspondingly show their wisdom of life and due kindness to the disadvantaged.FrownThey don’t set a healthy attitude and show friendliness and sympathy to the weak, but yet a mental enslavement and aggression in class. If the servant groups are in urgent need of being training in their common sense and working skills , needless to say that an ideological and moral reform storm draw near to the vast “slave owners”. ­

Let’s act in a civilized manner and give regard with gratitude and equality in return for servants who take the trouble to comfort our life Smile . ­ 

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