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March 26, 2010

Today, Oct. 1st, 2009 the 60th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, it is celebrated all over the country and all Chinese people cheer for mother’s birthday. What is more, I would like to say “Happy birthday” to mama, either. Kiss


      Mama seems like a lucky dog since she enjoys birthday together with our country and shares the nationwide congratulation each year. However, on receiving the families’ best wishes may her happiest moment. Today we expressed our love to her as the same as before and we got her smile as well. What a wonderful day it isSmile!

      More to the point,  I'm pleased that i got the fantastic birthday cake not just only by money but my warmhearted manner. While I went to the baker’s and selected the cake, I was told that I had to wait for an hour due to the large order on holiday. “Well, I had no choice but watching the clock,” I said to myself. Nearly 5 minutes past, I incidentally found that there is understaffed for the heavy work. As a result, I volunteered for helping package cakes and with their approval. After disinfecting my hands, I joined the team and finally finished the work. In return for my goodwill, the baker set a priority to my order over others and I got the cake ahead of schedule. In addition, to my surprise, the cake is worth much more than what I original ordered. Haha~,“One good turn deserves another.”  I will carry forward the good style. Here, I deeply appreciate the boss’s enthusiasm and her meaningful gift. Wink


      Mum, wish you are healthy and happy in the rest of your life Laughing .  I know the greatest wish for you is that the pair of daughter has good job and happy family. Though I can’t make it come true right now, “Don’t worry, mummy, the day will be coming.” I promise. Tongue out

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05:48 AM Mar 28 2010


thanks for your comment,your english is so good ,and your heart to your mother is very good ,which  better than me,in this side ,i 'll learn from you~i believe you 'll got your promise and your mother must be proud of you~~