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January 18, 2014


Hey, this is my second blog entry. Lets just hope i can keep this "blogging spirit " alive. 

So, i watched a video on Youtube. It is a very short mandarin video on emotional management. Well, it didn't really talk much on how one can manage their temper or emotions. Instead, the video told a short story about a boy who always so grumpy and hot-tempered. 

So, there is this little boy who always get angry so easily. One day, her mum gave him a sack of nails. Her mum told him to hammer a nail on the wooden fence at the backyard everytime he feels angry. At the beginning, this little boys had already hammered 28 nails. As time goes by, the nails in the sack became less. Little boy thought he had finally managed his temper. He quickly told his mum. 

This time, little boy's mum said,  "Everytime you successed in controlling your temper, pull out a nail." Time passes. The little came to his mum and told his mum that he had finally pulled out all the nails. 

The mum gently told his son, "Son, look at all the holes on the wooden fences. They will never go back to how they used to look like. Same applied with all the words came out from your mouth when you are angry. These words will leave a scar in their heart that will never heal. 

Remember: Whenever you have a tantrum, dont speak and walk away from the scene or you can take a deep breath or scream out loud to vent your discontent. After that, go back there and continue to strive for success. 

09:35 AM Apr 01 2014

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

speaking of anger and the words we say when we are angry, Molana says qoute that :

a word come out from the mouth is like an arrow has released from a bow. the arrow is under as long as you haven't released it. but as soon as you shoot it, you can't control it. a person is shot as a result of your action but you just released an arrow. The nature rules make that person pass out but finally you are the only one to blame.

so be carefull about whatever you say!

09:37 AM Jan 18 2014



Ignoring, rejection, isolation is a bad punishment. I don't like the word "deserve" but here I'll say no body derserve that, no matter what he/she has done!

06:43 AM Jan 18 2014


Ola, you are right. Someone who always up in the arms about a trivial matter, sooner or later, he or she will get igonored and rejected by people aroudn him/her..

06:30 AM Jan 18 2014



I'm like a fence that has holes but they're being patched pretty shortly. I just can't be grumpy and sulky when someone had a tantrum and couldn't control himself. I just want to help that person since it was the reason for him to behave like that. We're all humans, so let's cut some slack. But it's not encouragement for this kind of trantrum behaviour. It's bad, not for the affected ones but for the person himself who will be rejected and ignored by the society after and  that I don't understand. I think it's not human to ignore someone. It tells also what kind of person it is when he ignores someone or turns a cold shoulder. It's not right.

January 17, 2014

After years of signing up as member in "English, Baby!", and only now i started writing my first blog entry in here. Unbelievable. 

Right now, i didn't know why this urge to setup a blog in here. 

Anyway, it has been years since i started to learn English and i always thought as long as i could read then it should be no problem. In fact, i have never take proper English lesson. Things changed years after years. Now, i am a fresh graduate. So, things get serious when you grow up, esp when you need to get yourself a proper job.

I noticed that eventhough i could read and understand some of the English words but my pronounciation is so poor. When it cames to speaking, i am too nervous, sometime i couldn't find the right word to use and thus the conversation goes silenced. Apart from that,  i am too cautious with my grammar. All this problems making me feel worse and not confident to speak in English.

Anyway, i am working hard on my speaking part. Hopefully i could speak like a native in future.