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January 17, 2014

After years of signing up as member in "English, Baby!", and only now i started writing my first blog entry in here. Unbelievable. 

Right now, i didn't know why this urge to setup a blog in here. 

Anyway, it has been years since i started to learn English and i always thought as long as i could read then it should be no problem. In fact, i have never take proper English lesson. Things changed years after years. Now, i am a fresh graduate. So, things get serious when you grow up, esp when you need to get yourself a proper job.

I noticed that eventhough i could read and understand some of the English words but my pronounciation is so poor. When it cames to speaking, i am too nervous, sometime i couldn't find the right word to use and thus the conversation goes silenced. Apart from that,  i am too cautious with my grammar. All this problems making me feel worse and not confident to speak in English.

Anyway, i am working hard on my speaking part. Hopefully i could speak like a native in future. 

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