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October 6, 2008

I swear, If sOme day i find a killer of bulls in person, in my face, body with body -., I will KILL him =)

I swear !! wallah .. i will try =]

bullfighters are a shit ^_^ and many spanish ppl as me know that  it's really ASHAMED ( A-S-H-A-M-E-D ) aND also very embarrassing  what they do with animals here

N O T          M O R E          P A M P L O N A !!! 

N O T          M O R E      B U L L F I G H T I N G 









-.,-.,-.,  WE HATE THAT



EXPLANATION :why still fullfighting exist in Spain IF the people  don't want that ¿?¿?¿

simple.. the MONEY -., that's the reason becAuse the govern don't want to remove it from our culture

the kill of animals and the torture are not culture for us !!!!

But.,, unfortunately-... the torture and the joy of some persons give money for the country, ..

ppl who sale bulls and who kill them win so so so manyyy money that they can't stop it -.,

but we are already tired about the ignorance of the world -., some ppl think the kill and torture bulls in spain it's funny--.

IT ISN'T -., plz don't come to pamplona anymore, don't show the "party" of the kills of bulls in tv,-. and more  ...

...fight not with bulls.., we have to fight against the hungry and pain of the world -., 

DO nOt BE sadistic  !!! =D




I LOVE YOU ALL -., thanks for read ^-^











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11:41 PM Apr 17 2009


United Arab Emirates


oh ,  nice info .

i also  saw when bulls run  after spanish people  . stupied . maganeen. مخ ما شي

06:27 AM Mar 03 2009



 buenos dias spanish girl

you are right !!!!!!

it s a babaric act, when we kill animals in that way.

Nice, you are fightign for animal rights.

go ahead  on that way.


saludos da Allemania




02:05 PM Dec 11 2008



ı hate ittoo but didnt know that u hate.great blog ^^

12:40 AM Nov 08 2008


   So you are an member of  anti-bullkilling group. Undoutbly, you are kind ,you love animal,and want to protect them from the threat doing by human.I usually see a TV program named <our earth>,then I wrote a poem named <the screaming above the plateau about 4000 meters high>.Can you speak Chinese?



06:09 AM Oct 30 2008


You are absolutely right. Spanish people should stop watching that brutality.

01:51 AM Oct 23 2008



hi mi amigo

(i can speaking very few spanish......)

after reading your article, i find that you are so kindly~

i ever consider  bullfighting is the proud of your country~

but know~ i've change my mind~

Might be you are right!

09:58 AM Oct 07 2008



Frankly, even the word "Spain" is enough to remind us of this fight! However, it doesnt mean that your country must be associated with torturing animals. There are lots of plays like that around the world. The important point is that you and some people are aware of this murder and havent lost your inner feelings like the others. l appreciate you my dear friend! :) However, as you know being against this play isnt enough to prevent it, there must be some ways to put a stop to this. In fact l do not know what movements appear in your country on this issue, but there must be some ways to prevent it. Personal rejection may not sound so strong, there must be some community to strenghten your voice and finally stop the death of bulls. Is there any???

05:18 PM Oct 06 2008

ZoOm In

ZoOm In
Saudi Arabia

Bullfighting has always reminded us of spain .

I think it's one of the customs that history ( or culture ) sticks on people who might don't agree with it .

I completely understand your position of this issue .

02:57 PM Oct 06 2008


u r  right