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February 9, 2008

    Algeria has been inhabited by Berbers (or Imazighen)

since at least 10,000 BC. After 1000 BC, the Carthaginians

began establishing settlements along the coast. The Berbers

seized the opportunity offered by the Punic Wars to become

independent of Carthage, and Berber kingdoms began to

emerge, most notably Numidia. In 200 BC, however, they

were once again taken over, this time by the Roman Republic.

When the Western Roman Empire collapsed, Berbers became

independent again in many areas, while the Vandals took

control over other parts, where they remained until expelled

by the generals of the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian I. The

Byzantine Empire then retained a precarious grip on the east

of the country until the coming of the Arabs in the eighth


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05:27 AM Jun 05 2011



thanks for this short history facts